The Mission Peak Challenge

I, Jeffrey, met Atmar, Charissa and James for the first time and made them a deal. I would give them a mission peak T-shirt in exchange if they would hike to the top and take a picture for us. Here's the story behind it.

I met Atmar and his friend Jennifer on BART and I overheard them talking about Mission Peak - I had happened to have a mission peak T-shirt in his size from an earlier sale. I showed them the T-shirt and asked how they liked it. Now I really didn't want to come off as that guy who's selling T-shirts on public transit. I thought instead let's create an awesome experience. I made him a deal I'd give him the shirt and put my trust in a stranger to take a picture at the the top. It worked and I got an awesome story to tell.

James and Charissa were newer to the area and here for work. We just got to chatting and having a good conversation. We talked about Mission peak and they mentioned never having been. I'm always on the lookout for an opportunity to create awesome experiences so I made them the same deal I made Atmar and the very next day they delivered.


In the spirit of this story we have just opened this challenge for the first 5 people. It can be you or anyone you know who wants to climb Mission peak for the first time or someone who has a great story to tell me. We'll give you a shirt, climb to the top and take a picture at the peak!

DM me, email or respond on any of our social media!